Diamond Cut Wheel Refurbishment

by Auto-Wheels on 14th February 2014 No comments

Diamond cut wheels alow the manufacturer to have more than just silver on a wheel.  In diamond cutting wheels we  remove the face of a powder coated wheel to reveal the bright alloy underneath. In order to do this we have to use a diamond tipped tool on a lathe which gives us a better cut of the alloy and therefore a sparkly finish.  After cutting the wheel it is then lacquered to ensure it does not corode.

As you can imagine the set up costs to offer this service are very high and most alloy wheel companies don’t invest in this equipment.  However, almost every car manufacturer has launched diamond cut wheels in their standard range this year, which is why Auto Wheels has specifically invested in the technology required  to provide this to all our customers.

Auto-WheelsDiamond Cut Wheel Refurbishment